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Outdoor Hiking Trail Kits

Posted by Alex Francis on

Hikers and campers should always carry a first aid kit.  It's the outdoors--even with the utmost caution, injuries are a natural part of the outdoor experience.  How you handle it can make or break your excursion!  Some hikers, though, neglect to keep a sufficient first aid kit on them, either because typical kit boxes are too bulky/heavy, or because they only stuffed a couple of bandages in their pack (and hoped for the best.)

Lifeline First Aid has several products that serve the needs of hikers, and we've put together their best ones in the Lifeline Trail Kits Collection.  You'll find 2 basic first aid kits, 2 weather-resistant kits, and 2 survival kits, depending on your needs. Super light, but packed with valuable items--pick one up before your next trip!  Remember, preparing is surviving!


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