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Surprise is here!

Posted by Alex Francis on

As promised, Rescue Trekker has something special for you.  And it's here on the blog first--the social media sites won't have this uploaded for a few hours.

We are offering a flash sale--50% off our Lifeline Trail 3 First Aid Kit.  It's 72-pieces of light-weight, value-packed trail essentials.  And it's light-weight to boot!  This kit is literally the easiest way to be prepared for your shorter hikes.  And now it's really affordable.  There's no reason for you to not be prepared!

 This normally is $29.99, but we're offering it at a mere $14.99.  Of course, you still get our free shipping.  Want more than one?  Go for it!  You probably have friends and family that could use it, too.  Limited time only, limited quantities.  Why are you still reading?  Put the Lifeline Trail 3 First Aid Kit in your cart now!    

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