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First Aid: Cuts & Scrapes

Posted by Alex Francis on

Cuts, gashes, and scrapes are some of the most common ailments in the great outdoors.  Fortunately, most are easily treated, using the most basic first aid kits.  Here's what Rescue Trekker recommends:

  • First, if able, either wash your hands or put on disposable gloves--this will help prevent infecting the newly opened wound.  
  • Second, apply slight pressure using a clean gauze or other clean cloth to stop the bleeding.  
  • Once bleeding has stopped, try to wash the wound with clean water and soap.  (Again, to help prevent infection.)  Try to remove any debris possible from the wound.
  • You can also apply an antibiotic like Neosporin if you have that.  Again, this prevents infection.  (Notice the theme here?)  Cover the wound with a clean dressing.

If the wound is especially deep or wide, you will want to clean the wound, and then use a wound closure or butterfly strip on the site.  Stitches might be needed, and you need to see your health care professional ASAP.  (You can wait too long to get stitches.)  If you haven't had a tetanus shot or booster within the past five years, you may want to consider getting one now.

All of the described items can be found in one of the two first aid kits found below:

First aid kit for hiking, camping, etc.

First aid kit for home, office, or car.

Remember, preparing is surviving--Even if it is just a small scrape.  


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