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About Us

Ever tried shopping for first aid kits?  What the heck are you buying?  And what do you need to add to it?  We were asking ourselves these very questions.  Unable to find sufficient answers in the existing marketplace, we formed Rescue Trekker to bring the best of both first aid kits, as well as individual items you might want to add.

We also give guidance on what type of first aid supplies you should have for various activities or survival scenarios.  Rescue Trekker is your one-stop shop to pick up such items and information!  We strive to live by our motto:  Preparing is Surviving!

We at Rescue Trekker have been in business since 2011, but we are proud to have launched our first independent store in mid-2015.  We are looking forward to serving your comprehensive first aid and medical needs.

If you need to get in touch with us, contact us here.